Koman Ilel is a collective for citizen, communitary and alternative communication, made from the approach of popular communication. Working from Chiapas, Mexico, they build collectivity as a way of work, and a way of looking to the surrounding world. This is expressed in their organization’s name, in tsotsil mayan language, which means “collective sight”. They offer an opinion that is collective, free, independent, critical, with a deep political conviction, working in the construction of a dignified and autonomous life.

They are an independent communication medium in southern Mexico, whose main focus is to publish news related with indigenous and peasant communities in their region, related to their life conditions, human rights, initiatives and communitary projects for a better life quality, while using a cultural perspective from their indigenous background. They cover media production, training and accompaniment, and lectures.

We’ve helped them in the translation of content into English and Portuguese to take their news and training to non Spanish-speaking audiences. Recently we helped them to subtitle a series of videos for La Via Campesina (International Peasant’s Movement) regarding agroecological plantations.

For further information visit: http://komanilel.org and you can get in touch with the collective through koman.ilel@gmail.com

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